Classic D&D in Calgary

"Black Dougal gasps 'Poison!' and falls to the floor. He looks dead."

Who Are We?
We are a group of roleplaying gamers inspired by our friends in New York and Vancouver. We play retro Dungeons & Dragons - specifically the Basic and Expert edition of D&D published in 1981. We hang out, and have a good time playing a silly game.


Why Classic D&D?
Because the Basic & Expert Dungeons and Dragons kicks ass. There are a lot of versions of the game, but this particular version is pretty much perfect. It is the most concise and easiest to learn presentation of the D&D rules (any edition) ever published. It is the "sit yer ass down and play it" edition.

You don't even need any of the rulebooks but if you really want them you can usually find them on ebay or you can get a free PDF of Labyrinth Lord (which is a new game that is 99% the same as the Basic & Expert versions of Dungeons & Dragons) or you can head down to The Sentry Box and pick up a copy of Labyrinth Lord off their shelves.

Where Do We Play?
We typically meet on a Sunday afternoon at The Sentry Box.

Can I play too?
Yes! The more the merrier.
Feel free to drop by the forums and introduce yourself and ask to join in.

Campaign Principles:
A) Develop an "old school" D&D game using the 1981 Dungeons & Dragons Basic and Expert rules.
B) Specifically designed to fit into the busy schedule of adults.
C) Designed as an open game. There is no regular party: each game can have different players. Invite your friends. Ideally, I would like to draw from a large pool of people.
D) A sandbox game. There will be no predetermined plot: The players decide where to go and what to do. It is a sandbox game. No overarching plot, just an overarching environment.
E) A "beer 'n pretzel" game where fun is the key. Everyone is aware that it is a game and can enjoy as such. This isn't freeform drama class.

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