Lost Dwarven Mine

Approximately five days to the east of the Keep on the Rorystone Road lies the Lost Dwarven Mine. Established centuries ago, dwarves beat back the local humanoids and killed uncounted numbers of orcs and goblins while they delved more and more tunnels in the area, eventually building up a tangled warren of mines, caves, underground fortresses and the like.

The dwarves hated foes - the orcs and goblins eventually cut the dwarf supply lines. The dwarves holed up in their tunnels and caves and prepared for a long siege but apparently the orcs and goblins found their way in and their greater numbers eventually carried the day. It is assumed that they slaughtered the inhabitants to the last dwarf and plundered the caverns.

Fredrik the Dwarf is in the Keep looking for adventurers to explore the Lost Dwarven Mine and bring news of the fate of his ancestors.

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