The Dancing Dragon Tavern

This place is the favorite of visitors and inhabitants of the Keep alike. The food is excellent, the drinks generous and good.

When other adventurers tried their luck exploring the the Borderlands, they sat in the taproom of the Dancing Dragon Tavern to compare notes. While trying to describe an area of the wilds, a few thirsty patrons had scratched out a simple map on the top of the table (an X here, a line here). Over time others started adding bits, cleaning it up, and before long it had grown from some scratches to a detailed map carved into most of the surface of the table showing forests, creeks, caves, ominous warnings, etc. Where was that table now? Gone, but no one was sure where — maybe carried off as a souvenir, smashed in a brawl and used for kindling, or perhaps just thrown out after it was too scratched to rest a drink flatly.

However, a new map has begun on a fresh table. It is hoped that the PCs will continue the tradition and carve their own crude markings on the large table in the taproom of the Dancing Dragon Tavern. As the campaign goes on the PCs will gather around the table map, quaff an ale, and plan adventures. In the real world it will be a hand drawn map with the town and the neighboring areas drawn in on a piece of paper. Because the map is in a public place and any PC could get to it, I will keep it in between sessions and bring it to every game session for the PCs to add to or edit and I will keep a reasonably up-to-date scanned copy on this website for reference between games.

Table Map:
(Updated: March 3, 2010)

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