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When and What
Deleted forum discussions should go here.
Red Box Calgary
A bunch of gamers who love old school games
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Open for whatever you want to talk about. Just keep it to a PG-13 rating.
818by kigxfihxkigxfihx
27 Sep 2017 19:13Jump!
What is this Red Box stuff?
623by P_armstrongP_armstrong
04 Sep 2010 20:44Jump!
Where, what and when?
115by P_armstrongP_armstrong
11 Mar 2012 18:35Jump!
The Borderlands
An "old school" D&D game using the 1981 Dungeons & Dragons Basic and Expert rules.
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You can't explore the Borderlands alone. Meet your comrades here and set out for adventure.
983by P_armstrongP_armstrong
29 Aug 2010 19:23Jump!
Have you heard about the valley of the Snakemen? Did you see the new totem just north of Shadow Ridge? The victims of last weeks TPK are sworn to secrecy, what could've happened? The Borderlands are full of mystery, and those seeking to tame it will need every bit of information that they can find.
47by P_armstrongP_armstrong
03 Mar 2010 18:54Jump!
Where the adventurers gather to swap stories, brag about their exploits, and plan their next forays. Make sure everyone has heard your tale of bravery and valour.
37by P_armstrongP_armstrong
03 Mar 2010 18:49Jump!
Where we can take care of some of the in-character details that can take up game time. Things such as buying equipment, fencing treasure, etc.
Rules interpretations, house rules, DM fiat, etc.
314by A Paladin In CitadelA Paladin In Citadel
27 Jan 2010 23:04Jump!
City of Thieves
An "Old School" Dungeons & Dragons campaign using the 1981 Basic and Expert rules.
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Where we develop the setting
12by A Paladin In CitadelA Paladin In Citadel
28 Oct 2010 20:27Jump!

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