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The greater part of the Chennai Independent Escorts have their individual pages on all the principal online networking stages where you can stay in contact with them for the updates, most up to date offerings and other information about their calendars.

Definitely the Queen of the Spiders series. Loved dming them!!

Hi biclehnerz,
As you can likely see from the lack of new posts here, the Red Box Calgary idea hasn't received a lot of attention. However, I am currently DMing a group that is looking at starting up a new sandbox campaign that would be an open game in the same vein as the West Marches campaign. If you are interested feel free to email me at p_armstrong [at] email [dot] com.

hey you guys open to 2 new player, we both have some experience but not a ton

Don't think that'll work, my wife's got something planned that weekend with some of her girlfriends.
I'm happy to host a game at my house on the 26/27.

Unfortunately, my wife is away this weekend and I have to be a stay at home dad. How about next friday or saturday (the 19th or 20th)?

Sounds good by me, we have any other takers?

What about a game as well on Nov 26/27?

How about this Sunday (Nov 14) at Sentry Box? If you would like me to run a session, then I propose Tempora Mutantur (the one-page version).

Whatever day works, let me know, i'm okay with friday nights, saturday nights and sunday days

Hey guys,
I am up to playing earlier if Kelly want's to run something. I am relatively open to whatever system to play for the first bit but I would eventually like to focus back to B/X or Labyrinth Lord.

I don't follow Zaks blog (its an awesome blog, but unfortunately NSFW or home)

Will watch for your post!

Heck we could even use Mazes and Minotaurs as our base system (i'm not wedded to any rules set in particular

I throw out late Nov only because that we would be the earliest I would be able to run an adventure

I'd be happy to start earlier, assuming others would be DMing.

I will be using Zak's (from Playing D&D with Porn Stars) urbancrawl rules as the starting point for developing the outline of the setting. I will be posting my version of the rules in this thread for other Red Box Calgary DM's to use.

Urban Crawl Rules by P_armstrongP_armstrong, 28 Oct 2010 02:25

I'm going to toss out one other idea that I had prepped for about a year ago. If Mazes & Minotaurs is something you wanted to try, then I could run a session:

Lo and behold - Wikidot has remembered me! I can post!

I've got an itch to run a game, and can work with either traditional fantasy or post-apocalyptic.

Nov 25 is pretty late - still a month away. No earlier weekends available?

I'm definitely in. I like the idea of Catacombs beneath a city. ANother idea (and I will throw something up on my blog) is a Caves of Chaos - styled setting, where each of us will take a cave entrance and develop it, so that we can thread each of the cave entrances together at some future date.

Honestly, i'm up for either (i'm just reading some Dying Earth RPG stuff, where there is an underground network of caverns and tunnels beneath the crumbling city of Kaiin).

What about starting around American thanksgiving? I'm thinking maybe we have a early American thanksgiving dinner, then get the inaugural game going? I'd be happy to supply the Turkey.

As any of you that have been here before can see, I have been changing the menu to the left. Gone is the Borderlands campaign and instead I have been (very) slowly been posting a few thoughts about a new campaign set in an ancient, corrupt and sprawling metropolis with a vast labyrinth of crypts, tunnels and worse below.

If there is any interest in playing, watch this thread as K-Slacker, Paladin and myself (Patrick) try to schedule a game.

K-Slacker says,
"I have two possible games with the same name on offer:"

Crap, have I been busy.
However, I have recently been talking with K-Slacker from Tempora Mutantur and Paladin from A Paladin in Citadel about getting an old school game going.

K-Slacker suggested that each of us run a one-shot for some fun. I thought I would begin posting one-shot ideas/plans here to see if there is any other interest.

Scheduling a Red Box game by P_armstrongP_armstrong, 26 Oct 2010 03:42

Another Red Box group has surged forth from the primordial ooze:

Red Box Philly by RogerWikiRogerWiki, 17 Sep 2010 17:12
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