House Rules

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Circumstances
Character statistics are rolled 3d6 in order. The human classes do not require any stat minimum to qualify, so you can play a stupid Wizard, foolish Cleric, klutzy Thief, or puny Fighter in the dice rolls go that way. If you are unhappy with your character to the point of considering kamikaze attacks, at least get killed as smartly as possible by absorbing some hits that might land on better qualified adventurers.

Dang, this is Heavy!
Encumbrance is in full effect.

How do you afford your Rock-N-Roll lifestyle?
Between adventures game time passes at the same rate as real time. Every day spent in town costs a character 1gp in food, lodging, research, tithing, boozing and other vices.

If your character runs out of funds between adventures, he sleeps rough. Roll 2d6:
2: Catch the plague!. Loose 1 from a random ability score.
3: Arrested as a vagrant and fined. 5 gp per level. Fine must be paid in next 7 days.
4-5: Catch illness from living is squalid conditions. Loose 1 hp per level. Will heal normally.
6-7: Random equipment stolen.
8-9: Random weapon stolen.
10-11: Armour or shield stolen.
12: The night air is refreshing.

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick
Due to the danger of the City of Thieves and to avoid the hassles of rolling up a new character in the middle of a game, the players are encouraged to hire retainers. If your main character dies you may then play a retainer. You can hire two types of retainers: normal-men or mercenaries.

To hire a Normal Man costs 1d4 gp for the effort of advertising, buying drinks, etc. Next, the character must explain the duties and rate of pay for the Normal Man. The standard rate of pay is 1 gp per day. Normal Men come with nothing but the clothes on their backs and must be outfitted by the character if desired. They have 9 in every ability score and 1-4 hit points. Once the duties and pay are described the DM will roll 2d6 on the Retainer Reaction table to see if the offer is accepted. The better the offer, the higher likelihood that they will accept.

Mercenaries are better than Normal Men. They have classes and come with some equipment. If you want to hire mercenaries, talk to one of the mercenary companies. To hire a mercenary cost 1d10 gp for the effort. Standard pay for a mercenary retainer is double the listed amount (due to hazard pay) in the Expert rules. The process to hire a mercenary is the same as for a normal man.

If your main character is killed, you may run a retainer. Any Normal Man who gets promoted gets to choose a class (but they can't suddenly turn Elf or anything) and roll new ability scores… they can suddenly become smarter or stronger.

Perils of the City of Thieves
Ending a session inside a dungeon or in the wilderness requires a roll on the Chart of Random Fate of Very Probable Doom.

Also, any healing of a non-magical sort can only be done in the comfort of civilization.

Make sure you get back to the City before the session ends!

Party like its 999
Players can opt to earn some extra XPs by carousing. At the beginning of a session if a PC is hanging around in the city of thieves with nothing better to do, they can roll 1d12 and spend 100gp times the roll on liquor and/or lechery. The character gains experience equal to the gold spent. Carousing occurs at the beginning of a session and normally only characters that ended their last adventure in a town or city can take advantage. Thieves who are members of the local guild can spend 100gp more per pip if they so desire, while their friends can spend 25gp extra. Being mobbed up gets you first crack at the really good lotus powder, etc.

If the die roll is equal to or less than the character’s level, the result is a rousing good time and no harm done. Rolling above the character’s level indicates things got out of hand one way or another and the poor sucker must roll d20 and consult the Carousing Mishaps Chart. If a character cannot afford the carousing they have rolled, they also must consult the chart and they only gain XP equal to half their money (though all the money is spent). Fellow PCs can chip in to cover a character’s bar tab, but henchmen only do so to avoid the imprisonment of the PC and then only if a loyalty check is successful.

Draught of Courage
A skin or flagon of wine will restore 1d6 hit points of damage is quaffed immediately after combat.

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