Labyrinth Lord House Rules

I'm using the following house rules for the Labyrinth Lord Meetups:

  • Character Abilities: 4d6 drop lowest in order; player may swap a single pair.
  • Maximum Hit Points at 1st level; reroll all HD at each new level and take result if higher.
  • Leather Armour is AC 7.
  • Character reduced to 0 hp are unconscious (not dead).
  • A night's rest heals 1 hp.

I'm pretty loose with weapon damage. In general…

  • A fighter can do 1d8 damage with a one-handed weapon and 1d10 damage with a two-handed weapon.
  • A cleric can do 1d6 damage with a one-handed weapon and 1d8 damage with a two-handed weapon (blunt only).
  • A thief can do 1d8 damage with a melee weapon (one-handed or two-handed).
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