Neighbourhoods and Locations in the City of Thieves

Jekarra the Wicked has numerous palaces, temples, arenas, inns, taverns, brothels, towers, prisons, graveyards, etc. for adventures to explore, infiltrate, rob, burn down, etc.

The site of Jekarra has been inhabited by various races for untold millennia - each new civilization built upon the ruins of the old. Layer upon layer of buildings, streets and boulevards added through time untold. It is common knowledge that below the City of Thieves lies a huge dungeon complex, the Undercity, as well as an uncountable number of lairs, vaults, chambers, tombs, caverns, crypts, and caves to explore/plunder.

Numerous access points to the Undercity are scattered throughout the city, from a sealed and heavily guarded entrance below the Overlord's palace to a trapdoor in the cellar of the Lonely Mermaid Tavern.


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  • Lonely Mermaid Tavern - The Lonely Mermaid Tavern is a "private" club - the only people allowed in are current members of the "Adventurer's Guild". The Guild is a discreet organization that has sprung up around the exploration of the Undercity. It has a few basic rules: "Rule #1 of Adventurer’s Guild is you do not talk about Adventurer’s Guild", they try to lay exclusive claim for their members to explore the Undercity, and the Guild takes a 10% cut of all treasure retrieved from the ruins, in exchange for access to the various services provided by the Guild. Not least of these services is access to the trapdoor in the cellar of this tavern that leads down to the Undercity. In addition, the Guild provides adventurers with a secure place to store goods and to deposit their wealth.
  • The Ruby Palace - The royal home and fortress of the Overlord of the Ruby Throne.
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