NPCs in Jekarra

Who's who in the city of thieves:

The Overlord of the Ruby Throne - The Overlord, whose name is lost in obscurity, has been ruler over Jekarra for longer than most remember. Legend says that he was an adventurer who came to the city from the east dressed in magical golden armor which made him invulnerable and gave him mastery over lightning and fire. He wrestled control of the city, created alliances with powerful factions in and below the city, while promoting minor conflicts between others to create a city where powers were balanced against each other and the Overlord's might proved to be greatest.

The Overlord tends to delegate authority to a vast bureaucracy of petty officials, and guarded by his berserkers who act as his personal guard and retinue. His spies are trained dopplegangers bred by Glaath-Yigon in his clone pits.

Many of the Overlord's actions seem mad, random, or inscrutable, though few would say that to him directly. His rule is one of aloof fear and mostly benign dictatorship.

Glaath-Yigon the Mage Below is one of the mightiest Wizards, ruling a small empire-within-an-empire from the Undercity beneath Jekarra. The Overlord suffers Glaath-Yigon and his unsavory activities in return for certain unique services and provisions. He has thus taken over a catacomb complex in the Undercity where he performs his ghastly experiments, releasing many of the products thereof to roam the tunnels and vaults.

Gallagorgon also known as the Man-Bull, is one of the offspring of The Overlord of the Ruby Throne. He rarely ventures forth from his Pleasure Ziggurat.

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