Player Tips for The City of Thieves

1) Think Fun - It is a "beer 'n pretzel" game where fun is the key. Everyone is aware that it is a game and can enjoy as such. We aren't worried about your character's motivations and/or emotional state. We are playing Dungeons & Dragons - you know…killing monsters and taking their stuff. Your character is going to die anyway - get over it.

2) Think Rogues and Scoundrels - Your characters are motivated primarily by fame and fortune. In this game there is nothing wrong with rescuing the princess for the reward, making a deal with the evil priest to save your skin, or smuggling goods from the Undercity. That being said, there will be consequences to your actions. You get to make the plans about how you attain fame and fortune. Think Han Solo or the crew of Serenity.

3) Think Tactically - View the entire area you’ve mapped out as the battleground; don’t plan on taking on monsters in a single room. They may try to outflank you by running down corridors. Think where the party can fall back to a secure defensive position. Old school combat rules are very abstract and focuses on tactical resource management as opposed to micro in-combat tactics. Combat is also very deadly, especially at low levels, and should be avoided unless necessary. Think about [

4) Think Stealthy - Scout ahead, and try to avoid wandering monsters which don’t carry much treasure. You’re in the dungeon to find the treasure-rich lairs. Trying to kill every monster you meet will weaken the party before you find the rich monsters. While most of the rules are about combat, old school D&D is not a game about combat, it is a game about exploration.

5) Think Cautiously - Don’t assume you can defeat any monster you encounter. In old-school D&D, adventures are site-based where the site is detailed and persistent independent of the characters. For example, the dragon's lair contains the dragon no matter what level your characters are.

6) Breadcrumbs! - Keep some sort of map, even if it’s just a flow chart. If you get lost, you can end up in real trouble – especially in a dungeon where wandering monster rolls are made frequently. You will die cold, hungry and in the dark.

7) Think Curiously - Ask lots of questions about what you see. Look up. Ask about unusual stonework. Test floors before stepping.

8) Think WMDs - Get a magic-user and protect him. He’s your nuke.

9) Think In Numbers - Hire some cannon fodder. B/X characters are fragile so hire some meat shields to help protect you. Spears and polearms can usually reach past your first rank of fighters, so a phalanx of hirelings works well.

10) Ask Everyone - Check in with the grizzled one-armed guy in the tavern before each foray; he may have suddenly remembered more details about the area.

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