Session 1 - The Caves of Chaos

This session was played on January 21, 2010. This session featured
I. Marcus the Acolyte and Bailin the Dwarven Veteran;
II. Koralis the Veteran and Tristan the Veteran Medium; and
III. Corwyn the Veteran Medium, Fitor the Fighter and Dave the Fighter.

And including as retainers:
I. No retainers;
II. Balthazar the Medium, Rinathil the Veteran Medium and Falsor and Aprila the locals; and
III. Torak the Veteran, Weatherwas the Veteran, Harbin the Veteran, Dekkar the Veteran, McQuarters the Veteran and Borz the local.

… you can see a pattern here.

Summary: Much blood was spilled as a steady stream of adventurers from the Keep explored a goblin lair in the Caves of Chaos.

I. Their Dead: Marcus and Bailin set out to find the Caves of Chaos never to be seen again.

II. Their Dead Again: Koralis and Tristan hire a couple of retainers and follow the footsteps of Marcus and Bailin. They are never seen again.

III. Hey, Some of Them Lived: Corwyn and Dave return to the Keep with Harbin. They return with Willsom the merchant and his wife Silas who they rescued from hobgoblins. They also return with Dekkar and McQuarters who have pledged their service to Corwyn and Dave in return for saving them. While exploring the caves they found the dismembered remains of a couple of humans, a dwarf and an elf.

Body Count: Marcus the Acolyte, Bailin the Dwarven Veteran, Koralis the Veteran, Tristan the Veteran Medium, Balthazar the Medium, Rinathil the Veteran Medium, Torak the Veteran, Weatherwas the Veteran, Aprila the local, Falsor the local, some goblins, some hobgoblins and two hobgoblin torturers.

Treasure: Assorted coins, a silver armlet, a reward from the merchant and a dagger from his wife.

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